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Atheism+: Are they sure they aren't Christians?

As I write this, I'm lurking on Atheism+'s forum.  I've yet to see ANYTHING atheist-related on this so-called atheist forum.  Seriously, talk about how you became atheists.  (And don't use that "I was born that way" cop-out.  Fuck you if you say that; you know what I'm talking about.)  Talk about what a positive experience it was meeting like-minded people at the reason rally.  Or talk about how stoked you were when Richard Dawkins signed your copy of "The God Delusion."

Oh that's right, I forgot!  You all hate Dawkins because his response to Rebecca Watson and elevatorgate was "TROLLOLOLOLOL!"  In fact, you guys must LOVE those MRA misogynist assfuckers who sent you those rape threats, because unlike the rest of us, they actually took elevatorgate seriously.  Before them, the only reaction to Rebecca Watson and elevatorgate was "TROLLOLOLOLOL!!!" or "Meh."  See, the only thing I've seen on this so-called atheist website and their freethoughtblogs counterpart is pseudo-feminist bullshit.  And BTW, I say "pseudo-feminist," because Rebecca Watson's brand of feminism is NOT REAL FEMINISM.

Now, if you're from atheism+ and are reading this, you've probably already whipped out your bag of labels for me:  "Hater, Ableist, Misogynist, Mansplainer," whatever the fuck you think I am based on your little ad hominem titles that you're about to whip out on me so others will discredit me and you won't have to think.  Well, that's okay, because I have a label for you:  CHRISTIAN.  That's you.

Oh wait, you say that you aren't?  Explain this thread.

So basically, this asshole advocates begging at the christian table for scraps, and you're seriously considering it?!?!


Hey, here's an experiment we call all try for fun:  Go to an allegedly christian forum and say:  "You guys should make more friends with atheists!  Otherwise your ideals will never go ANYWHERE!"  Then get out your stopwatches and see how fast an admin permabans your ass for the blatant troll-post you just spewed on their forum.  I'm not kidding; you can time it with a stopwatch.  It'll happen that fast.

So why didn't it happen here?  Why wasn't this guy called out as a troll?  Because any guy who wants to have sex with a girl is TOTAL SCUM, but you're fucking tolerant of a christian who just essentially said you should start kissing their asses?  Because you can show how much better you are than them by taking their crap?

Let me get this straight:  You're tolerant of them gutting our educational systems so that there's no mention of evolution in our science textbooks and so our students struggle with basic math.  You're tolerant of them trying to turn us away from democratic representation and toward a theocracy.  You're tolerant of them using an imaginary carrot and an imaginary stick to keep the populace at large enthralled.  YOU'RE TOLERANT OF A LIE.

You know what?  Fuck you, you pseudo-intellectual, patronizing, condescending, sniveling, whiny little PRICKS!  And your Los Angeles PC newspeak, too!  Take your triggers, your labels, and your so-called educational (read: brainwashing) forum and shove them up your collective asses, because right now, only one label matters to me, and that label is "Atheist."  Either you are one, or you're not.  And everything I've seen from you tells me that YOU'RE NOT.  You never made your bones.  Rebecca Watson never made her bones.

Now the people calling you assholes out, and whom you've talked shit about?  They've made their bones.

Did I seriously hear you talk shit about Xxxild?  You know what?  Before YOUR particular little cult-of-personality was founded, Xxxild was in one, herself.  Except that the one she was in actually centered around ATHEISM, not whatever the fuck it is you're about.  But it was a cult of personality, and it did what all cult of personalities do:  It imploded.  So if Xxxild said something about you, she's speaking from her own experience.  So shut your mouths and listen to her.  You might actually learn something.

And in case you hadn't heard, Naomi Chambers isn't impressed with you, either.  And before I had ever heard of you sorry little pricks, I knew of Naomi Chambers, a very courageous feminist atheist who had done everything in her power to escape from Islam.  Once she had, she did everything in her power to raise awareness of what Islam put women through and how oppressive they were and still are.  The Muslims tried to silence her with death-threats, but she didn't stop.  They tried to DMCA her videos, and she didn't stop.  You acting as though an awkward moment in an elevator constitutes some form of ANYTHING sinister against women cheapens everything Naomi Chambers went through, because Naomi Chambers was fighting for women's rights LONG before elevatorgate, and did it with more intelligence, dignity, and courage than Rebecca Watson could ever muster.

And while we're at it, where were you when suvarenee was getting misogynistic shit thrown at her from christians in her own videos' comments section?  Oh what, you have a problem with atheist misogyny, but when the Jesus-freaks do it to one of our own (who, incidentally, was aiding your cause by busting Paul the Apostle's male chauvinistic chops and calling Kirk Cameron out on his homophobic stance), you stand silent?  Where was Rebecca Watson when some Bible-thumping, patriarchal piece of shit slandered suvarenee by saying she'd done porn just because she wore a low-cut top?  Why weren't you with me, down in the trenches, putting yourself between them and her, trying to derail that bullshit?  Where were you then?  And no, it had NOTHING to do with women's rights.  Or men's rights.  Or her being female.  Or me being male.  This was an atheist defending another atheist from christian bigotry.  If I can take the hit for any of my atheist brothers and sisters, I will do so.

No, you guys are off embracing the very same people who (literally) wrote the book on patriarchy!  The very same people who attack suvarenee on a regular basis over what she's wearing because they know they'll lose a debate on creationism if they argue factually with her.  The very same people who called Naomi Chambers infidel and wanted to kill her.  The very same people who had Malasonia1 banned for so-called "hate-speech," when in fact all she did was tell the truth.  The very same people who hurled racist insults against Demonique666 when she espoused the virtues of Randism and argued against the philosophies of Kant.  The very same people that your predecessor, Atheist Scum United, banded together to fight against.  They might not have done it the way I'd have done it, but they knew who their enemy was, what they were fighting for, and what they were fighting against.  And if I didn't join up, I didn't disapprove of what they were doing, either.

But here's another old-school atheist you probably never heard of who did disapprove, and had the guts to say so:

Ehenocka.  Ehenocka appealed the ASU leader OneLessGod for civility between christians and atheists.  She was morally opposed to what ASU was doing at the time, and spoke out about it.  I didn't agree with Ehenocka (still don't), but you still had to admire her for standing up to what were essentially her own people on moral grounds.  Because that's the sort of person Ehenocka was and probably still is--a person who will stand for decency and human rights.  That's why she went to Palestine to protest Israel.  For her, it wasn't about Judaism vs. Islam.  This was about protecting the weak from the strong.  She believed so strongly that NO ONE should be oppressed that she went to Israel to protest oppression and lost an eye in the process.

I already know what you're thinking, and FUCK YOU!  You wouldn't even sacrifice an eye for your OWN cause, let alone to selflessly protect a complete stranger.  Yeah, that was on the tip of your sanctimonious little tongue.  When I actually see you do that, then maybe I'll take you seriously.  Because I'm here to tell you that I wouldn't.  I freely admit that Ehenocka was and is a better person that I ever will be.  This may be a bit inappropriate coming from an atheist, but that young lady walks on water as far as I'm concerned.  We do it the easy way:  We sit at our computer screens and flame each other and feel oh so courageous for doing so.  Ehenocka went out and looked those who disagreed with her worldview full in the face and took more than anyone who did so should have had to.  Whoever the people on atheist+ look to as their leaders aren't fit to lick Ehenocka's boots, particularly Rebecca Watson.  Ehenocka was what every atheist and every humanist wishes they could be.  You need a role model or someone to build a cult of personality around?  That's your girl.

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  1. that is one of the nicest things anyone has written about me